20 Weeks and Frustrated

I know the excitement is rising and everyone is dying to know if I’m having a boy or girl. I guarantee it’s driving me more nuts than it is you.
The doctor didn’t make it clear at my appointment a month ago that I needed to schedule my sonogram appointment then so I could get in sooner. I had my regular appointment on Tuesday and she didn’t mention the sonogram so I asked about it and that’s when she said “if you don’t already have the appointment” AGH, NO!!!! I want to get in ASAP.
I go out to the front to get my next appointment and to also schedule my sonogram appointment and the earliest they have available is July 19th! That means I have to wait even longer than what I’ve already been waiting. Frustrated.
Let’s just say, this last appointment was not fun. It was already a rescheduled appointment from the week before. I went on Wednesday June 30th and since my doctor was on call she had to go over to the hospital but they didn’t inform us of this until after we all waited over an hour. So I went in yesterday and I waited over an hour again to see her, and then waited another 30 minutes to just see her after getting in the room.
I go to the afternoon appointments so I don’t have to make up much time at work. But after discussing the down side of this with Tim I decided I’m taking the first appointment I can get in the morning. I left work 30 minutes early on Tuesday but didn’t get home until almost 6 (2 hours after I regularly get off work)
My appointment went fine besides gaining 4 pounds from my last appointment. I guess this isn’t too bad since I had lost a pound at my last appointment.  So that is a total weight gain of 6 pounds so far. Not too bad but I need to be careful.  The baby’s heart rate was good…I love that part of the appointment. Like I said earlier I go back on July 19th for the sonogram and then my next regular appointment is the 1st week in August.  I’m half way through and I’ve done nothing to the house or the baby’s room to get ready. Yikes, I need to get on that.
Fun times. Hoping my next pregnancy blog is announcing that it’s a boy or girl!
Sorry everyone, you have to wait a little bit longer.
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