Successful Sonogram

First of all, the doctor saw girl again so she is officially a she. Anna Katelynn! My mom went with me today and I think everyone in the office heard my mom aaaah and giggle every time Anna moved. Anna was great for the camera she was very active this time. It may have something to do with the caffeine drink and snickers I had about an hour before I got there. Wink. I heard that was a good trick to get the baby moving. It worked!

Second we got some great pictures. The packet said I was only going to get 2 pictures so I was so excited about coming home with 5 pictures. I am only posting 4 so enjoy!

 Here she is with her mouth open. Her face is turned a little bit.
Her fist
Another profile picture with her hand on her head (you can't see) with her elbow sticking out.
Her face. Isn't she pretty? This is looking up at her face.
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