32 Weeks Pregnant!

Just 8 or less weeks left.

I'm feeling good besides Braxton Hicks are terrible. They wake me up on some nights. When I was pregnant with TJ I had leg cramps that would wake me up where I had to walk around, so I would just go to the restroom. With Anna it's the braxton hicks that wake me up so I just get up and go to the restroom.

I have only gained 19 pounds so far. Three of those pounds were just in the last two weeks, I'd say it was a stressful last couple of weeks. I gain weight when I'm stressed. People are constantly saying how HUGE I am. These are the people who obviously don't remember how HUGE I was with TJ. At this point in pregnancy with TJ I was already 27 pounds, already had my wedding ring off for a month or so, and was wearing compression socks to keep the fluid out of my feet.

The room. Its a mess. We haven't fixed the flooring because we haven't gotten the a/c fixed. We have to pay out of pocket for some of the things that aren't covered, but hoping to get it all fixed this week. Praying really hard we can get it fixed this week.

The shower was great. I felt so loved by all who came and showered us with love and gifts. I haven't brought any of the stuff home since I don't have a place to put anything. Its a little overwhelming with having so many things un-done. I did get the cradle set up in our room. Also got the basket of baby needs all set up next to our bed. I was amazed how well that did me to have a place ready for her to sleep in.

I'm planning on bringing home some of the shower stuff tomorrow. I have found that it is more stressful not remembering what I got and what I need.

So, onward I go. I'm getting excited and my dreams and wonders are getting stronger for her. Just sitting here looking over at the empty cradle fills my heart with joy knowing she'll be sleeping there in no time at all. TJ was even putting toys, including his nerf gun in there for her. haha
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