Special Day!

Today I would consider one of the most important days in my life! Really? Why?

Because today is the day 26 years ago that my wonderful husband was born! Without him my life would be nothing as I know it. There have been events that have happened in the duration of the last twenty-six years that threatened his life. He has overcome those with the protection of God and he is still kicking!

He is such a great man. He is a worshiper, he is a loyal and faithful servant. He is great father to our son Timothy Jr and our daughter Anna. He walks TJ through a prayer every night and is a pro at getting him to sleep on the nights TJ can't calm down. And to top it all off he is a wonderful husband. He loves me unconditionally and makes me feel so loved everyday.

I met Timothy in elementary school, became best friends with him in high school, dated him once we graduated and married him 2 years after high school. My life with him has been wonderful and I love showering him with love on his special day.

This year, since everything has happened with the house I couldn't do much so we decided we would go out to eat to celebrate. I decided to make it a surprise and invite all our friends and family to join in on the fun. Everyone was there waiting when we got to the restaurant and he was completely surprised.
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