36 Weeks Preggo

The size of a crenshaw melon
Well we are down to 4 weeks left until my due date!

Everyone keeps saying how it seems to have flown by, it feels the same for me. It seems like yesterday that it was TJ's birthday and we were waiting on the results of the pregnancy test. CRAZY!

I went to the doctor on Wednesday and I was worried about my weight gain since at this point with TJ I had gained 8 pounds! I only gained 2 pounds. I thought for sure it was at least 4 pounds so the 2 pounds was such a relief. I'm not nearly as big as I was with TJ and I'm already tired of the comments:

"you are huge"-yeah I know I'm almost full term, but you don't have to tell me.
"she is dropping"- no, she isn't. if she was I would be able to breathe
"Wow, you look tired from carrying her"- thanks, I guess your saying I don't look good?
"how many days do you have left? Oh wow, 4 weeks!"- so your saying I'm huge, refer to the 1st note
"are you uncomfortable?"- I'm pregnant

I go to the doctor again this Wednesday. We are getting down to the wire people. I have my bag packed, got some last minute needs for once she gets here, now just need to get the car seat installed and head to the hospital.

Here is my 36 week belly shot:

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