34 Weeks, 6 days!

The size of a honeydew
I forgot to post a 34 week update. Oh well, this will be a almost 35 week update (tomorrow). I went to the doctor on Wednesday the 13th. It wasn't the greatest appointment. They told me I had gained 7 pounds since my last appointment, 2 weeks before then. I'm still under my weight that I was with TJ but only by a pound. My weight with TJ was everywhere, with Anna my weight is mainly in my stomach. I've notice a little swelling but nothing out of control.

The nurse was telling me to be careful because at the next appointment with TJ I had gained another 8 POUNDS!!! yikes. trying my hardest to avoid that.  I didn't get any flack from my doctor because she is also pregnant and struggling with the same stuff.

Here is a picture of me with TJ at 33 weeks:
I can tell in this picture that my body was already swelling pretty bad because I'm no longer wearing any rings. Also my smile has gotten smaller by the swelling in my face. My nose was aready spreading apart. I felt great, just looked miserable. Good times. He was such a big boy!!!

And here I am with Anna. This was a couple of weeks ago but as far along as the other picture:
Smile still big, nose still normal, hands and feet not swollen and all the weight is in my tummy. Just glorious. She is strictly out front. My theory is that I'm more sore this time around because I don't have the extra body weight gain to help support the massiveness of my belly. Just a thought.

It was all glorious until this last week. My face is starting to look more like the picture above with TJ. That's the only place you can tell. My feet and hands look completely normal and I'm watching my sodium intake to make sure I don't gain the weight because of what I'm eating. I spend most evenings with my feet up and a glass of water in my hand.

Well my next appointment is this coming Wednesday so I'll have another update hopefully next week. After this appointment I start going every week and they'll start checking me to see if I'm progressing.

So tomorrow I get to say, 5 more weeks!!! or less!
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