October Tradition

Our October tradition continued on this year with going to a pumpkin patch it was no where near as awesome as last year when we were in New York with Josh and Dre. They took us to Old McDonald's Farm.

We took him to the same little church pumpkin patch we went to in 2008. They had it set up a little different with some different decorations so it was real fun to get different pictures. Amy joined us this year since she was in town for the night. TJ had to show Mimi all the little pumpkins.

We found ourselves a huge pumpkin that had a whole in it so Tim told the guy he was hoping to get a discount. We got it for $6 and TJ found a little pumpkin that cost us all of $.75. I know, huge spenders!

Here are the pictures from the Pumpkin Patch:
Us Leckies, all 4 of us!!
TJ and Aunt Mimi
Riding the hay horse
Searching for a pumpkin
Carving the Pumpkin:
Once we got home we started carving the pumpkin, here are a few pictures from the evening... Sorry they aren't the greatest but we had fun.
getting all the yucky stuff out. We had the tools and TJ had a sand shovel to use.
Tim getting the pattern ready
Our owl. We decided not to go with the traditional smiley face
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