State Fair 2010

Oh how I love the fair.

I love the food, I love the people, I love the smells, I love the exhibits, I love everything about the experience.

We took a day off from work so we would have a less crowded experience at the fair. We went out there with my parents on the train. It takes you to the entrance of Fair park. Its very convenient and less stressful than driving. And TJ has been talking about riding the train for weeks so it was nice to finally get that out of his system.

Tim and I always make a point to try the new fried foods they have for sale. This year we tried the Fried Frito Pie and the Fried Beer.

Here is my opinion: The Fried Frito Pie was ok. I love Frito pie but this wasn't as good as I wanted it to be. There isn't much cheese and Fritos in it. Its mainly chili dipped in batter then fried. The Fried beer was SOOOO nasty. It was a ravioli filled with beer seasoned with salt. It was a super salty uncooked ravioli with hot bitter beer on the inside. I tried one, it stayed in my mouth until I could find a trash can. YUCK! Once I spit it out I saw the trash was fll of half eaten ones and almost full servings thrown away.

My favorite is the Chicken Fried Bacon. Its one they came up with a couple of years ago but they still serve it. We also had the Fried cookie dough, which is also a good one. But no trip to the fair is complete without a fletcher't corny dog! yummy.

Great memories!
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