3 Months Old

This Friday our little guy is going to be 3 months old. Its hard to believe that 3 months ago my water broke and then we got to see TJ for the first time.

We are excited because today we are going to be taking TJ to get his pictures taken for him turning 3 months this week. He is just going to look so darn cute. Tim picked out his outfit last night so he wouldn't be to pressured on time today. We need to be there by 5:15 so I'm just going to meet them there when I get off.

He has been sleeping throught the night now for about 2 1/2 months and when he was 6 weeks old we moved him to his room. This past week he is really starting to understand what he can do with his hands and arms. We hold Mr. Blue Elephant out and he is really starting to grab a hold of him and play. He's also started to laugh instead of just smiling at us. He also eats about 5 times a day during the day he eats every four hours and then after he eats at 6 he only goes 3 hours before he needs to eat again. We just give him a bath, feed him at nine, and then off to bed for 9 hours.

there's the update.
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