Slowing Down For the Weekend

Well this was the first weekend in a while that we just got to chill around the house. Friday night we just sat on the couch, ate some stupid dinners (ramen noodle and Frito chili pie) and watched some TV. Tim had to go to work on Saturday so we went to bed pretty early. Saturday we washed our cars, went shopping at Target, and had a lunch date at On The Border.

We did spend a lot of time doing research on cars that are options for me to get this fall. My lease is going to be up and I'll need to get into something else. We are going to be going through D&M so I can basically just tell them what I want and they'll see what they can find.

We got Tim's truck through them and it was honestly the easiest experience we have been through in getting a car/truck. Let me know if you are interested and I'll get you the name and number of the lady who helped us.

Oh and on a side note on Sunday we went out to lunch like normal after Church. We went to Humperdinck’s and this family walked in with this little bitty baby and I was pointing out to Tim how small she was. Well by the time Tim heard me and turned all he could see was the parents and the other little kid. Well low and behold the lady who had the baby was one of TJ's NICU nurses. She was the one who was with him the first night. I liked her the most. She explained everything where I could understand and was concerned about my time with TJ. Once I walked in she immediately picked him and let me get settled so I could hold him. It was nice seeing her and being able to thank her for all she did and how much I appreciated her.

We are going to be starting back up this weekend with the business. We are driving to Shreveport this weekend and Oklahoma next weekend. Lots of fun!
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