Celebrating Our Love...

Well as most of you know by my last blog that Tim and I had our 3 year anniversary this last week. During our trip to Fredericksburg to see my grandparents some kind of stomach virus hit Tim Monday afternoon. He was fighting it until Thursday night which means he was sick on our anniversary....huge bummer. My parents were going to take us out to Cheesecake Factory for family night. Tim was really doing bad that night smells were really bothering him so he knew he wouldn't be able to go to a restaurant. My parents felt really bad that I was going to be eating ramon noodle (all we had in our house) by myself. So they gave me some cash so I could get some sonic to eat by myself.

Tim was feeling better and back to work on Friday. We decided to go to Cheesecake factory Friday night instead. Before we went out we had to get our new truck delivered to our house and get the papers signed. Okay I guess there is a story in that too. Tim's old truck was getting 12 MPG and we needed out of that ASAP since the gas prices aren't getting any better. So we got into a 2008 Texas Edition Crew Cab Chevy Silverado. Its really pretty and I'm sure Tim will post pics on his myspace. We went to Cheesecake Factory that night with my parents and my sister Amy. Loads of fun and we had some amazing cheesecake.

Saturday Night we had planned for TJ to go spend the night at my parents house. So we got over to their house right before six so I could feed him and then go. After we left there our date started. We met Nick and Kelly back at our house so we could all ride together and of course Tim wanted them to ride in his new truck. Once we got to Texas Roadhouse we ended up having to wait about 45 mins to get seated it was a mob in there. Once we got seated we had some fabulous steak and beer. After we left Roadhouse we headed off to Cowboys to see Jason Aldean. It was a great concert and we had a lot of fun but all us old married parents left at about 12:30 butt tired.

It turned out to be a great anniversary and we got to spend it with our good friends nick and Kelly.

and to top off the evening we got to go home and get in bed and not worry about when TJ would wake up.
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