Last Day w/ Josh and Andrea

Josh and Andrea are on there way up to New York. Andrea's family came into town and spent friday night and saturday with them. Since we were in Shreveport we didn't get to see them until Sunday. We got to pray and send them out at church. Some ladies at the church set up a reception for them whTere we could shower them with cards and love. Then off to Mecardo Juarez for a big lunch with lots of friends and family.

We came back to my parents house and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening hanging out. My mom made salmon, potatos, and lost of yummy stuff.

Oh and TJ wanted to make it a day of record outfit changes. I think he pooped and threw up so many times today. We had to change his out fit 4 times because of explosice diapers.

here are some pics from the day:

TJ in Daddy's Guitar Case

All the Offspring

The Leckie Family

WE LOVE YOU JOSH AND ANDREA!!! We are so glad we got to spend a long day with you. Many memories were made on this one day. We'll miss you and can't wait to see you again.

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