First Time Around

Well Tim and I have made it through our first Mother's Day and first Father's Day...

For Mother's day we went over to Nick and Kelly's house to hang out for a while and we got to show TJ off for the first time for all of their family. That night we had a family fish fry at our house with my parents, sister, and Terry and Lizzie. While Terry and Tim cooked all the fish we just spent the lovely evening outside sitting on the patio. It was tons of fun and TJ was great sitting in his swing while we all talked. After dinner we opened our gifts, I got a gift card from my parents and Tim gave me some beautiful earrings with TJ's birthstone in them. I'm still in the process of spending my gift card but I've already bought a couple pieces of clothing. woo hoo!

For Father's Day we stopped and got breakfast on the way to church....he chose McDonald's. The after church we went out to lunch at Texas Land and Cattle with family and friends after church. But the night before we had my parents over for a cook out but this time Me and my mother did all the cooking. We grilled pork tenderloins, made fried potatoes and fresh corn. Our boys loved it and we loved loving on our men. TJ did a pretty good job with Tim's present he got him a pair of fancy cowboy boots. And my parents got him a gift card to kolhs. He got 2 pairs of pants and a pretty shirt.

I love my guys. I have a wonderful husband who is a awesome Dad. He plays with TJ all the time but understands the importance of a routine and that TJ is the baby and we are the parents.

I love you baby and thanks for TJ!
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