Family Night

Pictures last night with TJ were fabulous. I met Tim and TJ there and we started doing the pictures about 10 mins after we got there. TJ was in a very good mood when he got there and was smiling like crazy for the camera but for whatever reason we didn't get a picture with him smiling. Here is a picture of him right before we started:

He took some pictures on his stomach, back and one of him sitting on this stool. After we did the pictures of him on the stool he got really scared and wouldn't calm down. This was also the time when he was starting to get hungry. So while I was sitting there feeding him we picked out the pictures we wanted and they printed them for us. It was a great experience and will be going back there for more pictures. We went to

Here is a picture of the picture of TJ so its not the greatest quality:

After we got done with pictures we went and met all the family at Studio Movie Grill. Once we got there we saw all the notes everywhere saying "no children two or under will be admitted into pg-13 or R rated films after 6 pm". We were planning to see Get Smart but Tim and I were just going to leave and my mom stopped us and said that she didn't want to see the movie anyways so she took him back to her house and he got to play and have fun with Kaykay. If you haven't seen Get Smart go see it. It was so hilarious, I absolutely loved it and will want to own that one.

Well that was our evening last night and we are going to spend this evening packing and getting ready for tomorrow. We are leaving right after I get off work (whenever that will be) to go to shreveport to see Tim's side of the family. There is a bunch of them that haven't seen TJ yet.

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