Fun Filled Weekend Ahead

This weekend is the Highland Games, both my side of the family and Tim's side of the family is Scottish. Every year we plan to go out to UTA and enjoy the Scottish events (music, games and shopping). This year of course will be TJ's first year and we couldn't go without getting TJ a kilt. The place where Tim bought his kilt which is in his family's tartan had baby kilts available in the family tartan also. So we ordered the kilt a couple of weeks ago and while we were at it we ordered me a mini kilt to match the boys. We look so cute all together. Mine is really short and I have to go get some little shorts to wear underneath, but still cute.

Rick, Sarah and Piper are going to be staying at our house starting on Thursday night so they can go to the Scottish Festival also. Since they will be hanging around while we are at work I asked them if they would want to keep TJ during the day. TJ gets to spend the day with his Uncle, Aunt and Cousin. He'll have so much fun and that will give my mom a day off so she can come into work and get some hours in.

Oh and Sunday morning TJ is going to get baptized. Which just made it even a better weekend for everyone to come into town since everyone was already coming in for the Scottish Festival.

Lots of fun stuff and I'll post pictures when it is all said and done.
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