Black Friday Shopping

We actually did it this year. We woke up at 4 am and headed off to Wal-Mart. We were in Fredericksburg and knew it wouldn’t be as bad as it would be in DFW. As soon as we walked in we saw where the TV we wanted was and where the blue ray player was. They were right next to each other, so it was very convenient for us. There were two pallets of the TV that we wanted. Being that Tim was the tallest guy there he got the 2nd one off the top. I was over by the blue ray players. I grabbed one from the top and I had this little lady next to me that asked for my help so I just handed her mine and grabbed another. I probably would not have done this if I was in our area. Tim and I got so excited we put that stuff in the cart and ran off to the register. Oopsie we forgot all the other stuff we needed to get. Needless to say we checked out 3 times. Sad thing is we were still out of there and on our way back to the hotel by 5:30.

Here is a picture of the TV that we got. Timothy got it set up and hung on the wall. We got a great deal and are already enjoying it. Merry Christmas to us!!!
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