Laughter and Dancing in the Kitchen

As Tim and I were getting dinner ready in the kitchen last night I was holding TJ and for whatever reason I had my iPhone playing a song. It was an upbeat song that is good song to get you moving. TJ and I were dancing around and I was trying really hard to get him to burst out laughing. He was smiling and laughing a bit but then I guess we were contagious with our dancing and we got Tim dancing with us. As soon as Tim started dancing TJ couldn’t contain his laughter any longer.  He was laughing sooo hard. It was absolutely hilarious.

Now of course since we were all dancing around the kitchen including Gracee there was no one available to video this event. I really need to train Gracee to do that. Can you imagine what a dog would talk about if they talked. I bet that would be pretty interesting. (sorry for the rabbit trail)

I was just talking to my mom about all that TJ has done new this month. It makes me so proud to watch him learn something new and to be so excited about it. I’ll be posting a 10 month blog next week when he is actually 10 months old…aaahhh!

Y’all have a nice day!

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