The Golden 24

My Birthday this year was one I had been looking forward to for a long time. Way back when I can remember when it was my friend Amber's birthday (her golden birthday 14 on the 14th) we started talking about when mine would be and how long 24 seemed. Well I made it to my 24th birthday my Golden Birthday that is. I turned 24 on the 24th.

This year I had decided a few months back that I wasn't going to make a big deal about it. For whatever reason thats what I decided and after my wonderful Christmas from my hubby I definitely told him not to get me anything because he had given me enough.

Well normally the Wednesday closest to our birthday is when we have the special family night. Since it was wonderful weather I requested kabobs and baked potatoes. Then for dessert german chocolate cake. YUM! It was just family and we had a good time and was very relaxing.
My cake. I believe that this candle started out on Josh's 1 year birthday cake. Yep we still use it
Then me blowing out the candle
Friday I was pleasantly surprised when the ladies in my office got me a card and a cookie cake. And yes I said pleasantly surprised. Sometimes I wonder if they like me at all. Who knows?
the cake
looking a little surprised
Saturday my husband made me a nice breakfast and we did a lot of lounging around. We had planned to go to Olive Garden with my parents just so we would be doing something on my birthday to celebrate. After going back and forth on if we should delay the time we got up there because of my parents plans we finally settled on still going at 5:30 because since TJ we run late a lot. I had some suspicions because Kelly didn't say anything about my birthday while we were at work on Friday. I thought well maybe he invited them to come eat. I dismissed that idea. Well we get to Olive Garden and its packed. Tim said he thought they said they were in the bar (he talked to my mom on the phone earlier) I am in front and I get over by the bar and I see Mike, Heather and Lexi! Oh My Gosh I was just thinking we should have invited ya'll to come to eat. Then I'm trying to get to them at my parents and I see Nick, Kelly and Austin. Oh My Gosh!!! Then I get to my parents and then I see Rodney. Oh My Gosh! Turn around and See Cody. Oh My Gosh! What a surprise!!!! I was so excited. I have always wanted a surprise party but for whatever reason one was never given to me. I love throwing surprise parties and I knew I would love it. 
My Friends and Family
My parents, Rodney, and TJ. yes that's waiter walking by
My TJ eating some breadstick. He loved it
After  along dinner we had the Peery's and the Davis' come over and hang out for a while. The guys played pool and us women sat around and talked and watched the babies play. 
It was such a wonderful Birthday! I felt so loved with all the comments on facebook, text messages, phone calls and the party my lovely husband put together for me. Loved it all!!!
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