The Little Guy is 10 Months Old

He’s getting to where he isn’t so little anymore. To start out the month he really had to fight of a cold he got while we were in Arkansas for Christmas. He had a fever for a day or so, with coughing, runny nose, and occasional throwing up. Please note he did the throwing up on G-paw and Daddy. He likes to up-chuck on those tall Leckie men. HAHA! After we got home and got him settled and back on routine he recovered nicely.
It seems the last week and a half that he learned so much. He is really copying what we say or do now. A couple of weeks ago someone at church handed him a banner and he knew exactly what to do. Like he had been watching for months and months and was just waiting for them to hand him one. He is clapping when he gets excited and waves hi and bye. His personality is really shining now. He tends to be shy when there are some people he doesn’t know but as soon as he gets comfortable or you give him the stage he takes over and is the star of the show.
He is weighing in at about 24 pounds and growing. He really isn’t getting bigger just taller. He moves more and more every day. He has become more independent and wants to discover all the new rooms on his own. One room he loves is the kitchen. Probably because that seems to be the place where we are always gathering. But the room that surpasses all the others is the bathroom. The toilet is a drum, his bath toys are in a basket, and the tub makes fun noise when you hit the side. What more could you ask for? Well and that’s where he gets baths and he has always loved baths.
We got the safety locks on the cabinets now. He wasn’t ever really pulling anything out of the cabinets just opening and closing them. I didn’t want him to start pulling anything out so we went ahead and got the cabinets locked. He still gets frustrated because he can no longer open them. Oh well he will get over it.
Well that’s about it about TJ this month. There is still way more but this blog is already long. Here are some videos for you to enjoy:

This is TJ eating. I'm posting this for my sister. She wanted me to get this on video for her. He's funny.

And here he is on his Zebra. He just figured it out.
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