Back and Elbows Took a Hit

Last night after Family night I got TJ loaded in his car seat and started gathering my things to take out to the car. Note I had the space heater I let my parents use during the day, the diaper bag, my purse, my keys, and a grocery sack with some boxes and a bottle in it. Gracee was also with me.

Okay now for what happened. That morning when I dropped TJ off the driveway was all white but not slick at all. So I walked where I normally walk. When I got back to my parents house after I got Gracee I was careful where I walked. It looked more like ice and not just snowish /sleet on the concrete.  So I slowly walked where I thought was the safest. Gracee on the other hand was sliding around like crazy. My mom and I went to the store so again I walked where I had walked before and safely got to my car and then back in the house when we made it back. So after dinner it was about that time to leave so I gathered all the stuff I was going to take in my car (see above) so all Tim would have is TJ. I sometimes get to anxious waiting on Tim so me and Gracee just headed out the door (we do this all the time). The rest of the family was listening to this song that they are thinking about playing at church.

I go outside arms full, I slowly walk down the stairs because of the ice and go to where I was walking earlier. Once I looked down I noticed it looked different but by that time I had already stepped and was in the process of slipping. Going in fast, slow motion I found myself flat on my back and all the stuff in my arms all over the driveway. I immediately started crying and screaming for Tim. I was also trying to remember if I had my phone in my hand, my purse, or my back pocket. I was too scared to get up I always hear those horror stories about people hurting themselves trying to get up or moving so I laid there flat on my back crying. I was frantically trying to find my phone. I kept reaching back to the diaper bag but also kept getting frustrated that it wasn’t my purse. I thought I broke the heater that I had just bought a week ago. Still couldn’t find my phone and kept thinking where is it, I’m never going to find it when its dark out here, oh I hope I didn’t break it and so on. Then I see my purse thinking “oh no the leather on the bottom is going to get messed up, I need to set it on the grocery bag” well it wouldn’t sit on top of it and just kept falling off. UGH!!! Frustrated and crying, I continue to search for my phone. Gracee was freaking out sliding around and trying to help me. I finally find my phone and start calling Tim. At this time Tim makes it outside with TJ and sees me laying there on the driveway crying and trying to call him. He screams “oh my gosh baby, oh my gosh!!!!” he opens the house door back up and yells “someone help me please!!!” Tim helps me up and I’m crying even more. Tim now getting frustrated that no one has come out side to help us. I make it inside and go to my parents room. The song they were listening to was still playing and they couldn’t hear a thing that happened or that was happening. I walk in the dining room and my mom sees me and starts helping me figure out what hurts. Tim was gathering all my stuff and trying not to fall.

Rodney looked at my elbows, back and neck. He did a adjustment and my mom gave me some ice packs. Right now my elbow really hurts I’m thinking I hit my right elbow, left elbow , then my back. Every now and then if I move a certain way something will hurt or if I keep my hands in a certain spot like behind my back they will start to go numb. I’ll see Rodney tonight so I’ll have him look at my back and elbows again.

Here is where I fell:

This is what I looked at right before I fell. The white in the picture just looked wet and but it was a solid sheet of ice. Basically where this picture is showing was all ice.
Right there at the edge of the garage is where I was laying. For a total of about about 3 minutes. It felt like FOREVER!
Thanks to all my family who helped and Tim for being such a wonderful Husband!!!! 
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