What a Great Weekend

Oh my…We had a great weekend. It seemed like it had been forever since Tim and I just got to lay around and relax for the evening. When I got home on Friday Tim had a fire going and TJ was down for a nap. We watched some TV bundled up on the couch. TJ woke up about the time for diner and we had our dinner then proceeded to play and enjoy the fire. Then it was time for TJ’s bath then off to bed he went. Tim and I stayed up for another few hours sitting on the couch, covered with blankets, sipping on wine and enjoying the fire.  

Picture from Friday Night
Saturday we were up and moving around I guess at about 8:30. Since we did nothing but lay around the night before our living room and kitchen were a disaster. Tim cleaned the kitchen while I went around and got all the random stuff done. After he was done with the kitchen we both went to our room and cleaned our room (this is an every weekend activity).  Tim went off for a bike ride with Rodney, so I was able to get my iPod just the way I want it while TJ was napping.  Nick, Kelly and Austin were going to be coming over that evening for dinner and to play some pool. Right before Tim got home and TJ woke up I got all the misc things done in the kitchen. Which made it a little easier on Tim for cooking.  Dinner was fabulous and we played many game of pool and bubble hockey.

Now it is Sunday and time for Church. The service was amazing. It was all spontaneous and prophetic. My Dad didn’t preach but we had a message taken care of with all the words and declarations. We went out to lunch with everyone, Rodney and Virginia blessed us with lunch.  The my parents and Rodney and Virginia came over to watch football and more football. Rodney and Virginia ordered some yummy pizza and we ended the weekend relaxing with family.
TJ at the head of the table.

Oh the part I didn’t mention from Saturday is Tim crashed on his bike he kind of went over the handle bars then fell on his elbow, hip, and ankle. He has some nasty strawberries and a little sore but he’ll be fine. It scared the liver out of me when he told me.

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