The 2009 New Year

Last year we went over to the Peery's house and brought in the new year with them. Well we got invited over there again. This year we got to play a ton of Wii. When its late and you add in a little wine some great memories are made. We don't get to hang out with them much so anytime we see them its a blessing.

Now in this pictures I said "everyone hold your wii's up" I got some funny looks and that became the line for the night.
Here is Heather making up some new move to use while bowling. She was making us laugh. 
Happy New Years from the Peery's
Happy New Years...Me and Tim Kissing

TJ when the clock struck 12

Now its New Years day and we were doing some things around the house and Mike and Heather gave us a call and invited us over for some fondu. We headed over there around 3 and had cheese fondu, then later had meat and mushroom fondu then of course had chocolate fondu for dessert... it was yummy.
I didn't get any pictures of the fondu but here is Tim and Heather playing Wii Bowling:

and then TJ playing with some of Lexi's toys

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