38 Weeks and Ready to See Anna!

My appointment on Wednesday was a huge disappointment.

I had been walking 2 or more miles every night since Sunday night. I was hoping for a little progression, I mean anything would have been good, but NOTHING. I am at the same as I was last week. She wanted me to go back earlier this next week so if she needed to see me again before scheduling an induction date she could. I'm guessing if I progress any on Monday she may go ahead and schedule the induction.

As of right now everyone that is in our baby labor plan is out of town. My parents are 3 hours away in Oklahoma and Mike and Heather (who will be watching TJ) are in Houston. We do have a back up plan in place. We knew if we told everyone to stay in town because we might have the baby that we would be even more disappointed when we didn't have her.

The plan this weekend is to do what we can to let gravity do its job. We plan on walking and keeping busy this weekend. I've done my research on what foods help prepare you for labor. Pineapple I've had twice, I had spicy food last night and I'm thinking about convincing Tim that we need to eat Chinese food for dinner. And as I write this blog, I'm sitting on an exercise ball. I did some more major cleaning this morning and then helped Tim get leaves picked up in the yard.

The only good thing I heard at the appointment on Wednesday was that I lost a pound. That may have been from all the walking I had been doing but I'm fine with that. With TJ my last appointment was the Wednesday before I had him at 38 weeks. So I was 37 weeks, 6 days for that appointment. On Wednesday I was 37 weeks and 5 days and I weight 11 pounds lighter than I was with TJ. Go ME!

Ok so my only request is that you keep us in your prayers. The doctor still thinks she is going to be big and she really doesn't want me to go too long but can't do anything unless I progress by myself or just have her early.

I'll post again to update how the appointment on Monday goes. For now, I'll be busy this weekend doing my best to help gravity out and get her moving down.
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