The Room

I know the anticipation for pictures of Anna's room is growing stronger and stronger since everything went wrong about half way through the project.

I decided after completing 95% of the room that I would post an update with pictures. YAH!

We had most of the room done when the a/c incident ruined the flooring and we had to start all over. After getting the a/c we began the room again.

One of the first things I did for her room was we painted these. The dresser was donated to us by my parents and Amy. This was a dresser Amy had in her room. For whatever reason they never painted it and then a coke spilled down the side that was soooo very hard to cover with paint. The toy box we bought at a garage sale for $15. A deal! They both turned out great.

Here is a picture of just the flooring. It looks great. This is after we redid the flooring from having to pull it all up.
This is the wall that the door is on. I really like the dresser, we were going to go with a different type of style of knobs but these turned out great.
The bow corner. I made the bow holder in the frame and a friend of ours made the other one. I have all the regular bows hanging in the frame and then the flower bows hanging from the other holder. Then there are some of her toys and shoes.
As you can see the toy box also looks great. Aunt Mimi got her these amazing chairs. I thought they were so cute. Anna will be using TJ's mattress we just need to get TJ's new mattress and bed switched to a full size bed. We also still need to get the bedding, here a picture for the visual:
I can't wait to get this to finish out the room. The mattress, bedding, curtains and possibly a new light is all that is left to complete the room.
The theme in her room is Pink High Heals. It was really fun and not my style what so ever, but I thought it would be fun to go completely girly with her room. And what is a girls room without a pink shag rug?
And to finish it out, here is a close up of some of the pictures.

We really like the way it turned out and I hate that in every picture the green looks different. The coloring is the truest in the crib pictures. Now we just need her to get here.
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