Well my nesting instincts have been in existence for the last month or so but this weekend they have really set in.

It all started yesterday, I had a pampered chef party yesterday and since my dad was out on a TXAPN journey my mom didn't have a car. She was just going to spend the afternoon at out house until TJ woke up. 

After getting the party all cleaned up she started to nest for me, she got my entire kitchen spotless and then started sweeping my entire house. The house looked great because it was already clean from hosting the party so it was looking great. Then my mom went and took me to get a pedicure and my eye brows waxed. She did this for me with TJ and then I had him that week.

Today I woke up ready to get the house completely ready for this baby. I'm really wanting to have her this week so I knew I would need to get everything done at home this weekend. Our church changed our 1st service of the month to a Friday night so we had all day to get everything done. I created a list of to-dos and told Tim that we needed to start knocking everything out.

  • All the bedrooms are cleaned, new sheets, clothes put away, swept and organized. 
  • Living room cleaned and vacuumed
  • Kitchen completely cleaned and went grocery shopping
  • Bathrooms cleaned
  • Anna's room decorations were finished and hung in the room
  • The rest of the baby stuff from the attic
  • Car cleaned
  • Car Seat base installed in the car
  • Cleaned the garage
  • Last minute items found to put in the suitcases
  • All the bags are in the car and Gracee's by the door
  • Dusted
There was so much more done in there but I can't remember. Now I just need to get some much needed projects done and work and then I am ready to have her. TJ is spending the night with Papa and Nana so I can go into work super early to have time without anyone there to work.

I'm about ready Anna, anytime after tomorrow would be great. K thanks!
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