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Ok. I’ve decided I needed to let people know how I will be updating on the birth of our Miss Anna. I’ll be updating a little on facebook but the problem with this is I have people from work that are my friends on facebook. They don’t need to know about the early stages of labor because it will only worry them and they’ll leave me discouraging notes because none of them want me to have this baby until thanksgiving or later.

The doctor and the rest of us want us to have this baby as soon as possible.  Some of you may or may not have heard of twitter. Well I have a twitter account and normally it is on private so I don’t have random people following me or being able to see what I’m saying. Twitter is where I’m posting comments regularly and will be posting most of the comments. It’s quicker to load on my phone and I can even text in updates if I need to post a quick one.  

Anyways... I wanted to let my blog followers know about my twitter account so you can go to my profile and see if anything is going on.

The link to my profile is: http://twitter.com/katieleckie

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