Say One for Me

Well my doctor appointment went well today. I hadn't gained any weight but Anna was much bigger. It probably again had something to do with all the walking I had been doing.

I progressed a little but not enough to schedule the induction. She stripped my membranes and got me dialed more. She is hoping this gets some more contractions coming and I either go into labor or progress enough for my next appointment to get induced. I go back in two days, on Wednesday.

I feel lots of contractions now, and I'm just praying her out. I'm praying the contractions just keep coming tonight to where I need to go to the hospital tonight or tomorrow.

If I don't have her on my own and I progress more by Wednesday then she will schedule the induction for Friday or Monday. I know being induced is not fun and I'm praying I go soon on my own.

Your prayers are appreciated.
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