Anna is 6 Months Old

Anna is now crawling… backwards and army crawling forwards. She is a little slow at it and doesn’t really show that she knows what she is doing yet but she can move right along. She sits up great now. I don’t leave her there by herself yet because she will tumble over after a while. She can also move forward but it isn’t crawling. The movement consists of her lifting her body up to the crawling position and then falls back down but falls forward. She inches herself closer and closer to the toy she is reaching for.

We had to switch her to oatmeal instead of rice cereal. The rice cereal wasn’t sitting well in her tummy. She is eating all of her veggies and she eats those for dinner. She is half way through all the fruits and eats those at breakfast and lunch. I only give her a half a jar. She just doesn’t eat much and I want her to have more milk then fruit and veggies.

We did get her to stop sucking on her thumb between feedings. We were thinking that she was using her thumb to help swallow instead of working on swallowing herself.

This is her schedule at home. The schedule at my mom’s house varies a bit in the morning. She wakes up at around 8 and then eats oatmeal with fruit and milk, stays up and plays till 11:45 and starts eating then lays down at noon, sleeps till 2 to 3, eats again, stays up and plays till 4:30ish, sleeps till 6ish, up for veggie and milk, around 7:30 we start baths and she is eating and in bed by 8:30. 

At my mom’s house she wakes up between 7 and 7:30 has a bottle and then lays back down for an hour and half then eats her oatmeal then the schedule is the same as at home.

This is my 2nd favorite picture. It captures her personality but you can't see her beautiful eyes
Pretty girl
Sweet little feet
precious Anna

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