Sitting Up

Well as I sit here writing this my little girl is sitting next to me. Anna can sit up on her own. She is still a little wobbly of course but she can do it.

She is actually been a little sick. She was starting to get constipated then we took a trip to Arkansas and sitting in the car for so long that she couldn't work it out by laying on her tummy. It got really bad and we had to force it out. Then today she is acting like she is teething real bad and battling some allergies. Poor kid has had it rough the last week or so. But she is still a trooper and has moments of happiness.
yah! no hands

oh wait..I might fall

here I go!!! WEEEE

catching myself

hi brother

what are those green things?

can I wear those super cool green boots?

oh, my feet are cool


oh brother
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