Mothers Day

First Mothers Day as a mother of two kids!

It was also the first Mothers day that we didn't have to go to church. (we had church on Friday night...aka First Friday Service)

With young kids its very unlikely to sleep in. TJ was up at 7ish and Tim got him set up in the living room with his cartoons. That let me sleep for another 30-45 minutes.

We headed out to IHOP after Anna finally woke up.
TJ is making a funny face but this is the best we got. haha
I got my gift yesterday. Tim took me to Jared's and let me pick out more charms for my Pandora bracelet that he got me for my birthday and while we were there we got my wedding ring cleaned. I got three new charms. The clips on the ends and the heart in the middle.
I hope all you mothers had a great and fabulous day!

Happy Mothers Day!!!
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