Sunglasses and Hats

Since TJ was a baby we have tried to get him to wear sunglasses. He wore some a little bit when he was only a few months old but once he could pull them off he wouldn’t wear them. This is pretty much the same when it came to hats. He wouldn’t wear them after he realized he could take them off.

I pointed out to him that if he wore sunglasses the sun wouldn’t be so bright in his eyes. AHHHH….now he wants to wear sunglasses.

Now with hats, we have tried to tell him “Daddy has a hat on. Do you want to wear a hat like daddy or like Papa?” Nothing would work, until he saw that baseball players wear hats. He tells us he wants his beeball hat.

At least he is willing to wear my sunglasses or Tim’s sunglasses if we forget to grab his on the way out the door. I try to keep an extra pair in the car but that doesn’t always work.

But the funny this is he thinks in order to adjust the glasses on his face that he needs to use his entire hand on the lenses to fix them. This leaves his little hand print and smudges all over the lenses. When he wants to look at something closely like a car or animal he removes the glasses (puts them on top of his head) to see it better. 

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