Poor Miss Anna is suffering from Allergies. If she stays inside the house she seems to be ok but literally the second we walk outside it flairs up. Seeing how it’s beautiful it is outside, this is hard to accomplish. Once she goes outside we wash her head, face and hands off so when she lies down she won’t breathe it all in.

Anything that goes outside she won’t use again. So if she lays on a blanket outside or we put a blanket over the carrier, it doesn’t get put around her once we go back inside. Her sheets stay clean so if she goes down for a nap with clothes on that she went outside in, then the next time she lays down she’ll have clean sheets. So at least when she comes inside, she’ll have a place to recover

Hopefully this won’t last long and she can be outside and play without any issues. Us Leckie’s love the outside and being cooped up is NO FUN! and to top it off...she is teething also.

Here she is, isn’t she so pathetic looking:

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