What a Weekend

As some of you may or may not know my Uncle Terry is getting hitched. He is marrying the lovely Lizzie. I think I have talked about them a bunch but if not I am now. HAHA. Well on Saturday my parents had a shower for them at their house for the church members to come to. It was a lot of fun. A bunch of people came and went and Terry and Lizzie got blessed. We had little BBQ sandwiches, chips and hot sauce, sweets and some tasty drinks. Before everyone got there and the party began The twins and I took TJ outside to swing and to sit on the hammock. He loved it of course and was laughing his little head off.

Here he is laying on the hammock: 

TJ playing with the cat after the party:
Sunday TJ didn’t really want to sit in Church for whatever reason. He was tired and I think another tooth was cutting threw. During the sermon I took him back to children’s church where he could play and be noisy. There weren’t much toys in there because for one the nursery is being used by another church renting our fellowship hall and second we were in the children’s church where they do more classes and not playing. With all that he still was having a blast with empty tubs. I think it was the colors that he was really enjoying.
Here is TJ playing during Church:

We had some friends and family planning to come over for the big game yesterday so we left TJ at my parents house after lunch so he could nap and Tim and I went home to get ready for people to start showing up. Everyone started to make it over starting at about 4:30. TJ had fun playing with Lex and Harley (Lex’s cousin). Lex and TJ play so well together. It’s fun to watch them interact with each other.

That’s pretty much our weekend. Fun but busy!
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