Update On Tim's Truck

Okay I realized after my cousin sent me a message that I’ve never given an update on what was resolved with Tim’s truck. Basically nothing. Well nothing with the police. His truck was finally picked up a week later. This was kind of weird but the guy who picked it up wasn’t told that he needed to bring tires so he got Tim’s truck on the tow truck without tires. Tim said this guy was awesome, it took him about 20 minutes but he got the truck on there.

Once Vandergriff got the truck it took them about a week and a half to get the truck fixed and back to us. The truck got there on Friday so they didn’t even look at the truck till Monday. Tuesday the tires and wheels were ordered. Wednesday they came in but one was damaged. Thursday the replacement was ordered. From Friday to Monday it was in detailing and we finally got the truck back on Tuesday. Tim got to see the final bill and for Vandergriff to fix and replace the tires and wheels it was going to cost us $3500. We of course only had to pay the $200 deductible.

Tim’s truck is back in our driveway safe and sound. He was so excited to get his truck back. He said it was gone so long when he got it back it felt like he had gotten a new truck.
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