Working On The House

Right before we moved into our house we spent a couple of nights getting all the rooms painted. We got the kitchen, living room, hall, and our room painted that week. Once we moved in we got the entry, bathrooms, and game room painted. Once we found out we were having a boy we got TJ’s room painted. Now all that is left in the house is the office and guest bedroom. If you couldn’t tell, I hate white walls in my house. I want the house to feel lived in as much as possible.

When Bill and Debra were in there house in Cedar Hill I bugged them for forever to paint rooms in their house. By the time they moved out they had lots of the rooms painted I even helped with a lot of the paint choices. I just love paint.

So back to my story we are planning to paint this weekend. We got a webcam last week and having that room on video is not a pretty site. It’s boring. I have some left over paint from all the painting we have done in the rest of the house that we are going to get some done this weekend. I think I even have some curtains that we used in our apartment that have never been hung in the house. We’ll see. Since the hurricane is suppose to come through North Texas we’ll see how long it takes for the paint to dry. Oh well.

We are planning on painting the guest bedroom green. Most of the colors in the room are red but I have accents in green so I think it will look great and it will definitely warm up the room. And then in the office we aren’t really sure on the color yet but we are planning on doing some cool pattern on the main wall. Maybe some stars or something. If it doesn’t look good we can always just fill it in with the paint. I’ll post some pictures when it’s done.

Have a wonderful, safe, and blessed weekend.
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