Go Cowboys!

How about them Cowboys! I'm not posting this to talk about the game bacause for one I just couldn't stay awake to watch the end of the game. I can't function without sleep. I am posting this to share this wonderful picture of my family.

Monday night is the night of the week when our church has its men's meeting (Band of Brothers) well since the game was on they all decided to meet at our house. I made sure that I wasn't banished to our room with TJ to watch the game. They opened up the night to anyone who wanted to come. We had my parents, The Peery's, Ron Carl, Rodney, Terry and Lizzie, and us there and everyone brought a snack and we just had a wonderful evening watching the game.

Thanks to everyone who came and those who didn't you missed a good time. Next time then.

Oh and Tim did take pictures of the office he just needs to send them to me. I'll get him to do that this afternoon and I'll get the pictures posted.
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