From Arkansas They Came

We had a pretty busy weekend.
Friday night we were able to just stay at home and relax and get some things done before the weekend went into high gear.

Saturday we got up and had to get ready to go to Lake Palestine with Terry, Lizzie, and the kids. We were looking at a property that we didn’t know had been sold that morning. Here is a picture of my boys for the day:

Sunday we went to church and went out to lunch with the regular crew. We just stayed at my parents house and hung out until around 4:30 because we had a meeting with the elders to go over our words from Presbytery. Very exciting! That night around 8, Bill and Debra got to our house. We kept TJ up until they got there so they could love and cuddle with him before he had to go to bed. Monday we just spent the day relaxing and enjoying the short visit. That night Rick , Sarah and Piper came over for dinner. They drove in on Sunday also but stayed over at Rick’s parents house. We cooked out and had fun with the babies.

Well that’s about it. We did a lot of relaxing but had a bunch to do.

Now we are almost done with this week. I’ve been so tired because our hours at work changed and I have to be there earlier and just having to adjust my body.

We think TJ is cutting another tooth. I just talked to my mom and she said he has been really unhappy today. Good times!
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