Slight Change of Plans

Original plan out the window. We woke up on Saturday and I went to a Pampered Chef party while Tim got some of the stuff ready to paint. We realized that we didn’t have enough of the left over paint to paint both rooms. After sitting there trying to think of something to do in the office I went and got online and found a color that was very pretty and Tim loved it. I sent Tim off to the store while I got some more things ready to go and TJ down for his nap.

Now this color is a blue/green color. It’s called Cathedral, the best way to describe it is a dark lagoon or harbor color. Right before he left we were talking about how we wanted to get a real office desk and not a dinky little computer desk. I got on craigslist while we were discussing the plan and found a desk that was just listed that day. Tim called and arranged for him to go look at it the next day. We got the room painted with 2 coats and the cut in done.

Sunday after Church Tim and Rodney went out to Lancaster to look at the desk and load it up if Tim liked it. I stayed behind and got the room re arranged for the desk and let TJ nap. Once they got back we got the rest of the room cleaned up and Tim and I started to move the desk down the hall. Woops the desk didn’t fit. Tim had to take off the door along with the jams. It barely fit. After we got the desk arranged and the computer set up we went up to Garden Ridge and bought some art and frames that were on sale.

The room is all done and looks good. Of course I forgot to take pictures. I’ll have Tim take some when he gets home and I’ll have to post anther blog later. Sorry.

Also. Last night one of our friends little brother was shot in the face by a drive by shooter. He called 911 himself and is at the hospital now. He is planned to have surgery today to get the fragments out of his face. For the full update from his sister you can go to her blog. http://www.belgexan.com/ Keep him and his family in your prayers.
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