We are Fans of Both

Okay so as many of you know my whole family are Aggies. Well Tim’s whole family are LSU fans. Then there is us, we enjoy both teams. This Saturday there was an Aggie game along with an LSU game. Here is TJ and Me Saturday morning before the Aggie Game:

And then here is TJ and Tim Saturday afternoon before the LSU game:

We had a great weekend. We watched a lot of football and did a bunch of stuff at church.

Sunday we had a Arts and Crafts Fair. Lots of people at our church have some really amazing gifts. So we arranged for them all to display their talents and could even sell some things if they wanted to. I set up and interior design table and had a lot of pictures and items from redoing out house. It was fun. So Saturday we went up there and got all that set up so it would be ready for Sunday after church.

Well that’s about it from our weekend.
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