TJ is 6 Months Old

Tomorrow TJ will be 6 months old. He is sitting in his high chair very well now and is eating Gerber Graduates bites. It’s really cute when he is trying to eat these he grabs them but still doesn’t understand that he is suppose to put them in his mouth so he ends up getting upset or knocking them all off the high chair. Gracee is really liking him being in his high chair, she hangs out underneath him and catches what falls. Anytime we give him a new food to try he makes the worst face. It’s really funny.

Here is a picture after we gave him a cheerio.

He is really moving around in his crib. He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth and then goes back down on his tummy and gets a little closer to what he wants, or he will do the army crawl to get there. When he gets excited he throws his arms up like he is saying “touchdown”. He does this when the cats walk by, when I get close enough, or really any time. Although he does this same thing when he is getting tired of being where her is.

As previously posted he does have two teeth now. They are really showing now but I haven’t been able to catch them in a picture yet.

Here is some random pictures from this month for your viewing pleasure:

Him and his future wife, Lexi...they just love each other so much


This is one of my favorites

Watching the Cowboy game

and then him watching the Aggie game

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