Its Fall People

Okay I think Fall is one of my most favorite times of year. Part of that could be that its one season closer to Christmas. I love getting out all the fall decorations and switching them out with the summer decorations. It’s also the time of the year when its wonderful outside where you can drive with the windows down or sleep with the windows open. Now here in Texas this nice weather has only greeted itself to us for a few days a week or so back. It’s coming though.
I even changed my layout to a Fall background. I found this free background site through another blog that I read and now I’m really excited about this and that I can change it very easily.

TJ is going to get his 6 months pictures done next Tuesday so I’ll be posting those pictures next week. Oh and Debra is going to a seminar thing for work and the seminar is here in Dallas so she’ll be coming in on Tuesday so Tim is going to pick her up and then get TJ and I’ll meet them at our house to go get the pictures done. Tim’s birthday is next week so it worked out good for her to be in town that week.

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