TJ is the Cutest Little Aggie

About a month ago TJ was entered into a Aggie Baby contest. We got him all dressed up in Aggie gear and got a back ground set up and took some cute pictures of him. After deciding which one would be best we sent it to Andrea to enter him in the contest (the contest was held at the Mall in College Station) Well we got a call yesterday from the mall saying that TJ didn't make it to the top three in voting but he did get up pretty high and was receiving a gift for participating.
My thought was oh goodness how are we going to get the gift. Josh and Andrea are on there way to New York and Amy is up here for the summer. Luckly Andrea's sister Lynn still lives in College Station and she is going to go by and get the gift and mail it to us.

I don't know what it is but I'm sure it something baby and something Aggie.
Here is the picture we submitted:

I think he is the cutest Aggie and I'm bummed he didn't win.
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