Timothy JR's 4 Month Appointment

TJ went to his 4 month appointment yesterday. He was suppose to get his shots yesterday but they failed to mention to me that the shots had to be at least 56 days from the last round. Well it had been 48 days. His nurse told me that all I needed to do was come in anytime but lunch time on August 7th to get his next round.
TJ weighed 15 pounds and 15.5 ounces, he is 25 inches long and his head is 17 inches around. He was so good, he was playing, talking and laughing with the doctor. On Friday I'm going to start him on rice cereal. I could have given it to my mom to do today but I kinda wanted to feed him the rice cereal for the first time. TJ is growing so fast. He is talking a bunch now, okay well talking like a baby. He actually kinda sings when he talks. He is rolling over from his tummy to his back. I have a video of TJ doing this on YouTube I just haven't put it on here yet. I'll get on that tonight. He is really trying to sit up and he is already starting to pull his knees up under him and push off like he is trying to crawl. Hold off TJ I like you being a baby that I can cuddle with that doesn't want to run off and play.

Here is a picture of TJ playing with Gracee's soccer ball. I know your thinking why would I give him a toy the dog was playing with. I actually just washed it and the spot on there is a stain I couldn't get out. I know you really can't see him but enjoy.
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