So Many Details...

Last night we had our weekly family night at our house. We grilled out hot dogs and hamburgers. So Yummy. Terry, Lizze and the kids, Rodney and Virginia, Amy, and us were all there. We just spent the night hanging out. All the guys played pool and us girls sat and talked. TJ got passed around and fell asleep on Lizzie for a while. My parents have spent the week in Florida and a book convention where my dad can promote his book. It went really well and passed out all the books they had for him. Since they have been out of town TJ has been staying with all different people this week and last Friday. Uncle Terry kept him last Friday, Virginia kept him on Monday and Tuesday, Yesterday and Today Amy has been home till about 11. I Drop him off with her in the morning then Terry comes and watches him for the rest of the day. Amy is going to be spending the night at out house tonight and TJ will just stay home for the most of the day tomorrow. I think Amy said she might go back to her house and take him with her.
I didn't get any pictures last night but here are some cute pictures of TJ from this last week:

TJ playing with Daddy

TJ in the same shirt Tim wore when he was a baby...TJ went Old School

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