We had a wonderfull busy weekend. Friday night we went up to Lincoln Square to go to Family Christian Store to pick out some Bibles for Nick and Kelly. I wanted to get them Devotional Bibles (since that is what they asked for) and I spent so long there trying to find the perfect Bibles for them. We just hung out with Amy for dinner and then later went and picked the Bibles up from the store. We had their names put on them.

Saturday we got up pretty early and had breakfast before we started getting ready for church. We really liked their church. It was shorted they we are used to but the worship and preaching was really good. During worship Nick and Kelly got baptised. I was so proud of them and overwelmed with excitement for them. We all went out to eat afterwards and they got Bibles and journals from us and a Family Bible from Kelly's mom.
We of course went out to Southlake to try to get a Iphone for me. Yes we were one of the loosers that tried to get one at 2 in the afternoon. After the drive out there, they were sold out. We tried to make our trip worth it and were going to walk around the place. We got ice cream and got to hot so we left. After that we headed over to Nick and Kelly's to go swimming. TJ loves the water, he just sat back in a floaty kicking his legs. He did get tired of that after a while so Tim decided to pull him out and play. Here is TJ surfing on the boogie board and hanging out with his daddy.
Yesterday we had a nice day. Church, Lunch, Grocery Shopping, laundry, TV, Dinner, Washing TJ, and then Bed.
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