Alexis' Birthday Party

Our friend Mike and Heather's little girl Alexis turned 1 last week. She had her birthday party at Bedford Splash at Bedford Boys Ranch. It was going to be TJ first time swimming...okay well getting in the water besides the tub. We took TJ out there all lotioned up with sun block and in his swimming suit. He absolutely loved the water. he didn't mind getting splashed and loved the lazy river. It was funny we were going around a few times and the sun was in my eyes so I decided to leave Tim and TJ in the river and I went to go get my sunglasses. Tim said the second I got out of the river TJ started to scream and all the people were looking at Tim like he was a horrible father. He was so embarrassed and got out as soon as he got around to the beginning and came and found me. I guess he just got bored of that. He just sat there with his sunglasses on. He was too cute and everyone was telling us what a wonderful baby we had. That he behaved himself wonderfully.

Lexi was cute she seemed to have a great time. When we left she was laying on a reclining chair with Mike eating her bottle. She didn't look like she was going to last much longer.
Here's TJ enjoying the water:

Happy Birthday Lexi!!! We love you!!
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