Our Weekend in Arkansas!

We had been planning for a few months that we were going to take a trip up to Arkansas this last weekend. I had taken Friday off since I have more vacation on hand than Tim does. Turns out TJ had a doctors appointment Friday morning with his Urologist. They went ahead and scheduled his surgery for October 3rd. I'm actually trying to reschedule the surgery since we are having inventory that week at work. Not having much luck getting a hold of the nurse...doesn't suprise you does it?

Okay back to our weekend. Tim got off work early and we were on the road for Arkansas by 1:30. We got to Little Rock by 7 I think. Rick to us through his church and gave us a tour. Here is a few pictures from the tour:

Piper and the Bear

TJ and Piper in the table

Tim kissing the reindeer

We just hung out with them after we put the babies to sleep. Woke up, fed the babies, and were on the road by 9:30. Made it to the Leckie home by 12:30. That day we went up to the original Walton's 5-10 store. We went to the big shopping center (kinda like the highlands) got ice cream and walked into a few of the baby stores. The kids and grandkids got Bill a LSU jersey and Debra got him a Ipod Nano. Bill opened his presents after lunch so he could enjoy them all weekend. Then after the evening meal and staying busy all day the girls and Tim went up to the Bentonville Wal-mart...Woo hoo! I got a pair of shorts, Tim got a shirt and TJ got a onsie that says Born in 2008.

Sunday we went to church then to On the Border for lunch. Sarah, Piper, Debra, TJ and I all went to Belks for shopping. I got 2 pairs of dress shorts and a shirt. I saved 90 bucks!!! Tim and I said we were going to buy pizza for everyone but it took them over an hour to get us the pizza so we got it free. We headed out Monday morning at about 9. Bill was coming to Arlington for a Shady Grove get together so we caravaned down here. Bill headed back up to Bentonville on Tuesday morning at about 5, right when Tim left for work.
Walton's 5-10 store with Me and TJ in the front

TJ in his new onsie

TJ and Piper with their matching "I love Wal-Mart" shirts.

Me and Piper with our cool shades

Bill with his Grandkids. Its hard to tell but he is wearing his new jersey.

Here is all of us right after church.

If you don't know who all of there are here:

Debra holding Piper, Rick, Sarah, Tim, Me and then Bill holding TJ

We had a really good time and I hope you enjoy the pictures.
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