My Little Cowboy

We had a wonderful weekend. Friday night we just spent the night at home and watched a movie. On Saturday Tim got up to go to a golf class and since he was going to be gone I decided to go again to Nick and Kelly's church. When Church got out TJ and I went and picked Tim up and met Nick and Kelly up at Kincaid's for lunch. We spent a couple of hours with them just talking about a bunch of different things. After that we did a little bit of shopping (well window shopping). Saturday afternoon we were playing with TJ and got him to roll over a bunch of times.

Tim was playing with TJ and put his cowboy hat on him. He actually stayed put long enough for me to take a picture:
My parents got home on saturday night from there trip to Florida. We went buy and picked them up and went to Elchico's for dinner. Yummy! Went back to there house and spent the rest of the evening chilling on the back patio.
Sunday we had my cousin lead worship. It was really good and Jayne preached so my parents actually sat with us on Sunday. Weird but fun! After church we went to Chili's for lunch and celebrated my parents Anniversary. They have been married 34 years! Way to go mom and dad! Happy Anniversary! We missed my parents and are glad they are back. BUT the left again after lunch to go up to OK for a meeting that is today. They will be back tonight and will watch TJ again tomorrow. He misses them so much.

Tim and I just went home after that and did some cleaning and hanging out at home. Wonderfull blessed weekend full of Church, family and friends.
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