Little Rangers Fan

Last night was of course family night...
My mom, Austin, Tim, TJ and I were just hanging outside for a while before the Wirth's and Lizzie got there. Tim had brought some chips out to eat and was using one of those baseball hats from The Ballpark that they serve ice cream in. Once we was done eating them we cleaned it out and stuck it on TJ's head. He was so cute we just had to take a picture. Tim is also determined to get TJ to play the drums so we can have a little family band. So anytime TJ is sitting on Tim's lap and music is playing Tim moves TJ's arms to play the drums with the music. The funniest thing about him doing this is that TJ's face turns to serious and he looks like he is really focusing on playing. I've filmed it on our video camera but I'm going to film it with my small camera so it is easier for me to put it on YouTube. Once I do that I'll get it posted on here for you to see. ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!!!!!

Here's the picture from last night:
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