5 Short Months

Yep, he is 5 Months old now. This past month has been full of milestones for TJ. He can hold a bottle to his mouth. It’s a sippy cup style bottle. He is of course getting better at sitting up. He can move from sitting up to his back or tummy. He hasn’t figured out how to get to the sitting position.

He has started eating baby food. He eats rice cereal for breakfast and then veggies at lunch time. He hasn’t had any problems with eating any of them. He seems to like all the ones he has tried.

His baby jabber has turned into more of talking. He emphasizes on certain sounds and changes the pitch like he is talking to you.

The other night he was in the tub and he saw the cup I use to wash him off he turned and tried to grab it. He also tries to grab the glass of water while I’m drinking it. He is getting more curious and actually knows how to reach so he is trying everything.

It was actually last night that he did this but he has been able to move from his tummy to his back for quite a while now but has been struggling with moving from his back to his tummy. Last night he was playing with my phone and he dropped it on the floor behind him so he turned over to get it….just like that. I was a little frustrated because Tim hasn’t been home this week so he wasn’t there to see it.

He has officially grown out of the basinet that he was sleeping in at my parents house. This morning the pack n play was set up and that’s where I laid him down.

Oh he is getting so big and so fun.
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